The Mobile App Economy: Where Are We Today and What Does the Future Hold? Mobile commerce is growing exponentially, but who is propelling this new economy and just what does this massive change in consumer behaviors and expectations mean? Explore what the future holds in a mobile first world.
The Past, Present, and Future of Delivery The new breed of on-demand delivery companies are keying in on major structural changes: 1) our always-connected lifestyle; 2) shifts in consumer behavior and expectations; 3) new paradigms in employment; 4) lean operations; and 5) a more tactical approach towards product/market fit. What did today's mobile marketplaces learn from the failure of their predecessors and in what ways will delivery continue to evolve in a mobile first world?
Contextual Commerce and the Future of Buy Buttons We are living in an SDK & API driven world, enabling consumers to discover and engage with mobile services like never before. These new technologies are creating enjoyable and convenient experiences for consumers while acting as middlemen between mobile shoppers and the goods and services they demand. In what ways are brands, retailers, and other mobile services leveraging this new hub and spoke model to drive commerce and customer engagement?
The Role of Regulation in 21st Century Marketplaces Rapid innovation in mobile has garnered the attention of nearly every government institution. City, state, and federal lawmakers are scrambling to diagnose this trend and evaluate its impact on society. Government officials, academics, and thought leaders will discuss how we collectively help policy-makers enact forward thinking regulation around employment, data, and city planning that will take into account the best interest of all stakeholders.
Connecting Fortune 500s to the Mobile Economy Some of the largest companies in the world, including AMEX, Starbucks, 7-Eleven, Whole Foods, and United Airlines are leveraging the unique competencies of mobile first services to provide best in class experiences to their users. Hear how companies are executing upon their mobile strategy by “learning from”, “partnering with”, and “acquiring” these innovative businesses.
Lessons from Across the Front Lines of our Mobile First World Mobile apps are delivering best in class experiences that are changing consumer expectations. Hear how growth-oriented executives from across the globe have commanded consumers' swipes and taps in light of different user behaviors and cultural norms.
Investing in the Future of Commerce Thousands of mobile first businesses have been founded over the last 5 years and enormous sums of money are being allocated to them. Experts share how investment is flowing into different verticals, companies, and geographies as a means of highlighting existing trends and identifying the next opportunities in the space.

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