Opening Keynote with Margaret Stewart


Talk with Bonin Bough

Smaller screens, Bigger Bookings

For the first time, the percentage of mobile users booking trips online has surpassed that of desktop users, with an estimated 51.8% of travelers arranging their travel plans on a mobile device. Our panel of experts will share their thoughts about how mobile is revolutionizing the travel and hospitality industry, and how they're reaching consumers on-the-go, who want to go.

Brand Discovery in the Age of Apps

Brands and retailers are navigating new forms of discovery as they seek to reach mobile audiences, made even more challenging by burgeoning and crowded app stores. To build customer loyalty on mobile, brands must also learn a new toolset including deep links, app-based discounts, and push notifications. Our panel of experts will explore the ways that they are using mobile to reach new audiences, enabling brand discovery, and building customer loyalty.

Thinking Local with Mobile

Almost 90 percent of mobile users search for local information, most of these resulting in purchases. Mobile has enabled people to quickly translate intent into action, and has become a means to bridge online behavior to influence offline while on-the-go. Come learn about how spaces, cities, and businesses are changing as a result of new access to the nearby world around you.

Investing in the Future of Mobile

Thousands of mobile first businesses have created enormous value for shareholders (if not just on paper) over a very short period of time. Experts share how investment is flowing into different verticals, companies, and geographies as a means of highlighting existing trends and identifying the next opportunities in the space.

Content Everywhere: Distribution on Mobile

New media publishers are betting big on hosting their content in 3rd party experiences, with Buzzfeed claiming an astounding 75% of its traffic as coming from Facebook. The advent of new ways to publish through Facebook Live, Instant Articles, Google AMP, and Snapchat Discover have some publishers claiming the age of the homepage as dead. Learn about how media publishers are approaching new content distribution strategies on mobile with our panel of experts.

Contextual Commerce and Buying on Mobile

Industry titans continue to innovate to make it easier to pay and convert better on mobile: Apple recently announced Apple Pay is coming to mobile web, much to commerce companies' delight. With so much momentum in the mobile commerce space, we will examine the ways brands and retailers are making mobile a primary point of purchase and how publishers are integrating commerce into their content, providing a new monetization strategy for mobile.

MObile design talk with Tamara Mendelsohn

Fireside chat with CHRIS MOORE