Learn how the best brands are capturing users' delight, intent, and attention on mobile.


TAP 2016 

TAP is back on September 29th for the 2nd year running, bringing together the brightest minds in mobile. Throughout the one day event we will focus on how the most respected brands in the world are capturing users' delight, intent, and attention in mobile

Building for mobile means more than just replicating desktop: you need to understand the places your content, products, services can be distributed and discovered, made for the context and experience only mobile can provide. We’ll explore the ways the best brands have overcome the challenges of mobile -- multiple platforms, walled gardens, smaller screens -- and taken advantage of the opportunities of mobile -- always on, data rich, high frequency of use.

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Speakers & Moderators


Opening Keynote with Margaret Stewart

Talk with Bonin Bough

Smaller screens, Bigger Bookings

For the first time, the percentage of mobile users booking trips online has surpassed that of desktop users, with an estimated 51.8% of travelers arranging their travel plans on a mobile device. Our panel of experts will share their thoughts about how mobile is revolutionizing the travel and hospitality industry, and how they're reaching consumers on-the-go, who want to go.

Loyalty and Brand Discovery in the Age of Apps

Brands and retailers are spending upward of $25 billion annually on consumer savings and rebates, with more than 90 percent being delivered in paper-based channels. This is in spite of the fact that more than 85 percent of millennials do not subscribe to a newspaper. Our panel of experts will explore the ways that they are using mobile to reach new audiences and enable new forms of brand discovery.

Thinking Local with Mobile

Almost 90 percent of mobile users search for local information, most of these searches resulting in purchases or offline behavior. Mobile has enabled people to quickly translate intent into revenue for local businesses. Even cities are now investing in the power of mobile to better serve their citizenry; Sidewalk Labs, for example, is opening up smartphone data to analyze road traffic for cities to operate more efficiently. Come learn about how spaces, cities, and businesses are changing as a result of new access to the nearby world around you.

Investing in the Future of Mobile

Thousands of mobile first businesses have created enormous value for shareholders (if not just on paper) over a very short period of time. Experts share how investment is flowing into different verticals, companies, and geographies as a means of highlighting existing trends and identifying the next opportunities in the space.

Content Everywhere: Distribution on Mobile

New media publishers are betting big on hosting their content in 3rd party experiences, with Buzzfeed claiming an astounding 75% of its traffic as coming from Facebook. The advent of new ways to publish through Facebook Live, Instant Articles, Google AMP, and Snapchat Discover have some publishers claiming the age of the homepage as dead. Learn about how media publishers are approaching new content distribution strategies on mobile with our panel of experts.


Mobile Wallets, Contextual Commerce, and the Buy Button

Industry titans continue to innovate to make it easier to pay and convert better on mobile: Apple recently announced Apple Pay is coming to mobile web, while Pinterest continues to expand Buyable Pins for brands. With so much momentum in the mobile payments and commerce space, we will examine ways brands, retailers, and other mobile services are leveraging new technologies and innovation to make mobile a primary point of purchase.

MObile design talk with Tamara Mendelsohn

Fireside chat with Lisa Gersh

Highlights from TAP 2015



At the center of the cultural and economic capital of the world, New World Stages is the perfect location for #TAP2016. This unique venue provides an appropriate backdrop for our forward thinking conference and attendees.  

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